Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kudos to Ukraine!

Ukraine decided (in November 2011) to stop killing stray dogs and instead would put them in shelters. Personally, I think this is one of the good side effects of a major sporting event -- cosmetic changes to appease foreign rights groups. Of course, usually all those changes disappear after the fans go home, but the chance that there might be lingering, permanent change is a one of the few positives to hosting a major tournament*.  Usually it's just billions into corrupt investments in stadia and public works that aren't really needed**.

So, rather than be outraged that Ukraine WAS killing these animals, shouldn't activists in the wealthy West (the average GROSS salary in 2011 was under $4000) applaud them for the changes -- AND then send money to continue funding the shelters?

* Unless you're a pimp 
** How's that Cube Swim Arena, Beijing?


Cyn said...

JTR. The Ukranian government (not known for their compassion) stopped doing this after getting a ton of bad press and pressure internationally. I don't for one minute believe that they stopped doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. My own heart doesn't melt when they, or Michael Vick, or any other abuser stops doing it because they're busted. I applaud the veterinarians and animal rights activists, not the government. And I give money to animal charities, all the time. In the meantime, I'll continue to boycott this Euro 2012, the Philadelphia Eagles, and anyone else I damn well please! X


jtingermany said...

Yeah, I think you're missing the point. Expecting people to magically start doing "the right thing" isn't rational. and continuing to punish someone after they stop a behavior you dislike only means that getting future countries to stop this behavior will be harder. You've gotta choose -- be happy or be right. People don't get both!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that not killing them is necessary better - shelter doesn't mean that they live a nice and happy life, in most cases it will mean that they are fed but only for a while and then they will be put down anyhow, when no one wants them. But I very much doubt it will mean any human contact and it's definitely not meaning a couch to sleep on and a pension plan. In most cases it will just mean longer suffering.
I honestly think what needs to be Discussed is HOW they put stray dogs down. And how to change people's attitude so no new dogs are released onto the streets. The ones born one can hardly do anything about. It's not as if you can start handing out free dog condoms...
Summary: I don't have a problem with animals being cleared of the streets but it should be done in a way that offers as little stress and pain as possible. Shelter is not heaven.

iriminage said...

Naive people. Your money goes into the pockets of officials. Nobody deals with stray dogs. I went to the city government about the dog that barks at night under my windows. They told me that these dogs have to take to the shelter, sterilize and release back. Then I received a formal response, which, as if by some mythical volunteers do not allow dogs to pick up from the street.
Give money to me better. At least you will know that they make someone happy, and not just filled up another pocket fraud.