Saturday, August 25, 2012

When Half-Assed Is Just Too Much - Art History Edition

Let's say you're the priest at a church in a small Spanish town. The frescoes (especially one by Borja, a 19th c. artist from the town) in your church are damaged, and they need to be cleaned and repaired.  Do you:
  • Call a university with a restoration department and ask for help
  • Call the Center for Borja Studies and ask for suggestions
  • Call the Catholic frickin' Church and ask them to spend some of their ill-gotten* funds on restoring or preserving the art
  • Have an elderly parishioner with no experience "fix things up" with absolutely no supervision
Obviously, you choose the final option.  The result?
 The article compares it to a scene from the movie "Bean", but I think it's closer to the Seinfeld episode where George has to have his boss re-added a photo.  Either way, strong work, Spain!

* If you argue with this term, I suggest you read some history on the Church's activities between, say, 400 AD/CE and today. Then we can talk.  By "we can talk", i mean "you can admit the Church is as shady as shady gets".

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