Sunday, August 12, 2012

You Stay Classy, Luisao

You can say one thing about Düsseldorf Fortuna -- their games end with style. After the promotion-relegation game ended with drunken fans storming the field, what could the 'dorf do for an encore? How about cold-cocking (based on the footage at the end of the clip, I think he Zidane-ed him) a ref?

To be fair, it was the visiting team's captain -- in a FRIENDLY match. And I think the ref flopped, which was brilliant. After all, how can a Portuguese player complain about someone else flopping? It's part of their soccer culture, after all.

For some reason, the ref wasn't in the mood to continue, and the game was called.  Fortuna officials, knowing that trying to send the 'dorf fans home without full game would likely lead to a riot, split their side into two and played a scrimmage.  Fortunately, this appeased the fans, led by chief hooligan Tobias H*.  They opted not to riot, saving it for the first game of the season and those bastards from Mönchengladbach.

Rumors that the Oakland/LA/Anaheim Raiders have offered him a spot on their team are currently unconfirmed. Though the Jets' and Eagles' official fan clubs have both contacted the jackhole in question to run a training seminar during their preseason training camps (that's what they call binge drinking in shitty bars).

* Name abbreviated so that he doesn't kick my ass

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jtingermany said...

Just to be clear, the fan clubs offered Luisao the gig, not Tobias H.