Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hypocrisy Watch: Iowa Rep. Steve King

So, you're a Republican Congressman from Iowa, what's your key guiding pricinple? Farm Subsidies? No, that's the key guiding principle for ALL Iowa politicians. No, what separates you from those godless hippies commies in the Spend-o-crat party is their insistence on big federal government and endless federal regulation -- in two words, States' Rights. So, when a state decides to pass a law regarding the produce sold in their state, what do you do? Beg for more federal laws and regulations! Because the only thing that can save the economy is more federal government... dammit, this seems like it doesn't quite mesh with his other nutty beliefs. Specifically, the bit on his website that reads, "Federal bureaucrats are working overtime churning out reams and reams of new, burdensome regulations." Now, I'm not sure if he wrote and supported his amendment to add new federal regulations to ignore states' rights to govern their own commerce during overtime or during regular working hours, but either way, he seems to join the majority of politicians in really only believing in one principle: local pork. Jackass.


Joy said...

WOW - I missed this one! Was it on the Colbert show? ;-)

jtingermany said...

Daily Show!