Monday, December 23, 2013

You Stay Classy, General

OK, many of us have been there -- a work event, you're a bit nervous, so you have one drink too many and make an off-color comment or hit on a coworker. You come to work the next day, a bit red-faced and hungover, and 6 months later you change jobs.

Well, that is not how they do things in the US Air Force! The Air Force was unwilling to half-assedly sexually harass the occasional female like lazy civilians, and instead they went the wholesale sex assault route at Lackland. With the same can-do attitude, AFB Gen. Michael Carey decided that a five-day trip to Russia to liaise with his counterparts in control of Russia's nuclear arsenal was a good chance to get really ripped, make a drunken fool of himself and repeatedly hit on hot women that were, in retrospect, likely spies.  I'd go through the whole list of hijinks, but suffice it to say that he tried to give a fist-bump to a tour guide at a monastery, mocked a translator and then tried to make up for it by calling her beautiful, and spent the morning rides to events sleeping off the previous night's debauchery.  For the rest, check out the writeup:

Of course, what did Chuggin' Carey get for all of this? A change to an "advisory" role that doesn't involve any responsibility.  But not, you know, real punishment.  Ugh.

You Stay Classy, USAF!


Joy said...

I hope you haven't done anything as crazy at your office Christmas parties! ;-) Glad to see you back again!

jtingermany said...

Nothing that crazy, though Dilek has a story for you :)