Sunday, November 23, 2014

Snowpiercer Review -- Craptacular Idiocy or Just Crap?

Sooooooo... Snowpiercer. I've heard it called a great sci-fi flick, but make no mistake, this is pure fantasy. And the worst type -- a ludicrous plot that has no rational explanation other than "we need this to happen." It's decently well-acted, but there seems to be no thought into it other than "this would be cool". Whether or not it's faithful to the original is irrelevant to me, since it's idiotic enough to make the source completely unpalatable to me.

Some thoughts/questions. Most are just snarky ways of asking WTF?

  • A train traveling around the world? Non-stop for 18 years? Riiiiiiight.
  • Wait, seriously? A train?
  • The survivors of the human race on a train don't have a single common language? And they're only white Americans, Brits or Koreans?
  • We're supposed to be horrified that "protein bars" are made of roaches? Because of all the farming/ranching they could be doing... on a train?
  • Underfed, unarmed amateurs can take down trained, armed guards?
  • In the tunnel the proletariats can't attack the glowing red lights of the night vision goggles?
  • Are shitty raves* a cause or effect of a future dystopias?
  • Hey, look, cannibalism!
  • A plane that is gradually uncovered can only be explained by melting snow? They don't have wind on the cold planet?
  • When people go outside the somehow get fur coats that fit them?

* I know, I know, ALL raves are shitty

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