Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: What I'm Thankful For

Let's be honest, I'm a smartass*. I like mocking people and I use humor as a defense mechanism. And an offense mechanism. Hey, I'm a short guy with a big mouth who doesn't like pain** -- I can't fight, so I have to mock. Anyway, I also have a sentimental side. And Thanksgiving is right in its wheelhouse. So, here's what I'm thankful for in 2010. It's not a complete list, so if you feel that you should be on the list, you are. Stay tuned for the director's cut***.

  • My family, by genes or choice
  • The OC and its imminent expansion. Huzzah for Team Benny! This doesn't include his work, which I despise for reducing Benny's DeLux time to basically zero. Jackholes.
  • Being the 3rd Wemyss
  • Finally having a 3rd Jackhole
  • A season, even a severely curtailed one, with Ultimate DeLux that culminated in playing**** Worlds
  • A captain I can respect. And mock like there's no tomorrow. After all, she is Captain Buzz Kill
  • Teammates that are awesome. Even the selfish ones that get injured or decide that a life-saving appendectomy is more important than ultimate.
  • Pre-game sermons
  • El Camino!
  • Tasty Thanksgiving food, even when cooking it generates an apartment full of dishes
  • A surprisingly revitalized social life in the 'dorf
  • The world's best collection of friends -- if you want to argue, let's go. You can trot out the fing Superfriends and I can top 'em. Bring it!
  • Running again without pain

* Lots of people (especially exes) opt to drop the "smart" here.
** To quote D. Duck, "I'm not like other people -- pain hurts me."
*** But, you know, don't hold your breath
**** Note the lack of mention of HOW we played at Worlds. That'll be on the Airing of Grievances post