Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'll Take "Rubbing It In" For $600, Alex

I was feeling homesick today, thinking about the Koolerball, bbq, pool parties and general Memorial Day Fun that I missed this weekend. Then I realized that at this time tomorrow I'll be in a Paris bistro having a glass of wine after a great meal (before getting a good night's sleep to prepare for the French Open). I feel better now.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Hope I'm This Washed Up Soon

Or: why it's not always smart to pull the keeper. Nice work, Becks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's A Small World, After All

I know the ultimate community is pretty close-knit, but you don't expect to see someone pop up after 15 years. While studying in Budapest in 1993 (it was a middle school exchange program), I met Evan Christ at ultimate. We kept in touch off and on for a few years, but it's been a while. Cut to ultimate today, and there is Evan. Apparently almost the entire time I've been in the 'dorf, Evan has been 20 minutes away in scenic Wuppertal. Definitely a good cap to day of not working!
Indy 4: Indy Meets CGI

Since most of you can't see Indy 4 until later, I will only spoil these elements:
- Indy uses his whip
- Indy wears his signature hat
- Indy punches bad guys with strong accents

I enjoyed it. Not great, but definitely fun. Seeing how it cost me more than the previous 3 combined (granted, those were all children's price), I think that the fact that it was worth the cost is saying something. The refreshments, however, FAR exceeded those of previous installments -- a cold hefeweizen really hits the spot.

Once you chumps back in the USA see it, we can discuss the finer points :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Says Germans Don't Have a Sense of Humor?

Though I thought the area below the USA would've been funnier if it'd said "They mow our lawns". Must've been a New Yorker who created it. And big credit to whomever that was!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anyone Want to See Indy 4?

I have an extra ticket for the Wednesday night preview -- in English. I know that 2pm Dallas-time might be tough for those of you with jobs, but if you want to come, just let me know.

I will be providing spoilers to those who want them...
So... Many... Jokes...

Apparently George Bush has started working on his post-presidential speech repetoire. Some tasty tidbits from a speech: "I call on all nations in this region to release their prisoners of conscience, open up their political debate and trust their people to chart their future," "Women are a formidable force, as I have seen in my own family and my own administration," and "The light of liberty is beginning to shine."

I'm not sure if he mentioned he was really, really, really disappointed in the Saudis for wanting market prices for their oil.
It's Official (ly A Rumor)-- We're On The Block!

In a ground-breaking move, CEO Vik Pandit has decided to do the Citi Germany sale via eBay. So if you want to tell me what to do (or fire me!), make a bid...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to Basics

In trying to get back to a semi-decent level of ultimate, I was feeling a little cocky and forgot a basic rule -- Catch with your hands, not your face. Let this be a warning to the rest of you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Soccer With Binoculars

Thanks to Chadder for this bit of comedy gold!
I Got A New Job!

With the uncertainty due to the sale of Citi Germany and the heat wave the dorf has been experiencing (almost 80!), I've decided to switch careers. The LDS missionary lifestyle of talking to random strangers while wearing short sleeves & a tie is right in my wheelhouse. If you have any questions, just drop me a line!
The Dark Side of Long Weekends

I tend not to shave on weekends, and this usually isn't a problem -- the third day of not shaving is a bit uncomfortable with the electric razor, but manageable. But I made the mistake of not shaving Thursday or Friday -- leaving me with quite a shaggy face tonight. Ouch. Rather than risk Norelco's patented Yank And Slash system, I had to go with the blade. So, before you get annoyed I had today off for Random Catholic Holiday #3, remember that I paid for it -- in blood (well, a few drops).