Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kids, Don't Make Me Call Your Mothers!

I would hope that their teammates voted them off the team after such a shameful display of slap fighting. Captions, anyone? I'll start it off with a few:

- My 9-year-old nephew and his Milhousian buddies look tougher than this when they fight.

- Most athletes try to model their fighting styles after action heroes. La Liga has, apparently, chosen "Mean Girls".

Monday, March 30, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 5 (8?)

9:15pm -- I realized that not only have I had my worst bracket performance ever but I also have yet to see a close game. After 3 years of no March Madness, this is like me going to one of the local "Mexican" restaurants after 8 months of being away from Texas -- absence makes the hoops heart (as well as the stomach) grow not just fonder but much more tolerant.

9:24pm -- At least the UPS dork lost his sweater vest, but he's still in desperate need of a new haircut. You'd think the constant stream of people asking him, "did you get a new toupee?" would tip him off to how craptacular it looks.

10:15pm -- Blowout games mean I get to surf for World Cup Qualifying results. I'm not at all happy that the US only managed a tie in El Salvador. JTinGermany soccer correspondent il Chaddissimo reports that the USA looked disinterested and pitiful, but that Sascha Klejstan's play for El Salvador (while wearing a USA jersey) was impressive.

11:30pm -- I don't want to tell OU it's business, but 2 shot attempts for their best player in the first half is a great way to ensure getting to watch the Final Four from Norman, OK instead of Ford Field in Detroit.

12:52am -- Oof. Yet another crap game. How do Duke fans feel about UNC buying the rights to Christian Laettner's cryogenically-stored body? I guess as long as "Tyler" doesn't step on anyone, they're ok with it. Quick trivia: Laettner was the reason I stopped being a Duke fan. He really, really, really annoyed the crap out of me.

1:00am -- OU had damn well better make a game out of this if they're going to fan tease with an 11 point run.

1:01am -- Comedy gold!

1:02am -- Jim Nantz is a little too excited about Villanova's win over Pitt.

1:14am -- Hmmmmm ... should probably crash so I'm not a cranky asshat at work tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

And the Oscar For Worst Performance in The Penalty Area Goes to...

This Asshat needs to be given a one-year ban for being a fing tool. He actually LOOKS BACK before diving. Apparently Norway is the new Italy. What a douchenozzle.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wanted: Roommate

As I was staring in hatred at my garlic press in the sink, I realized it might be time for a change. Rather than blaming all the problems of the world on a kitchen gadget, however annoying it might be to clean, I should probably learn my lessons. They are:

1. Only use the fing press if I have lots of garlic or ginger to mince/press. And even then, rethink.
2. Get a roommate that will accept meals in trade for them doing the dish work. With no dishwasher (Germans believe they're behind the American obesity epidemic*), cooking is kind of a pain in the ass. Actually, the cooking & eating are great -- washing up afterward is not. So, if you or someone you know wants to trade washing of dishes for hot home-cooked food, have them call me. I have references available upon request.

And, yes, I know I could get a girlfriend to fill this role. I currently have someone on callback, but it's not clear if she's right for the part.

* Or maybe small German kitchens just don't have space for them. Jesus, just google it. I'm not the Encyclopedia Deutschica.

Loooooonnnne Starrrrrrrr

So, I'm at the local Getränk Tempel (seriously, that's the name) and in the foreign beer "section" (really a plastic shelving unit the size of a large CD rack), what do I see but Lone Star? Now, in Nacogdoches, it's $1.50 per long neck at the bars. Here? 1.69 Euro. That works out to about $2.25 per funky bottle. After the novelty wore off, I realized the 0.79 Euro half-liters of Augustiner probably would've been the smarter move.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Excuse Me While I Whip This Out

Film fans will tell you, with no prompting (and even in the face of significant discouragement) how the 70s were the golden age of American cinema. They'll cite The Godfather Parts i & II, Jaws, Taxi Driver, maybe Star Wars, but they never mention the one classic from the decade that will NEVER be remade: Blazing Saddles. Westerns before and after have given, at best, a cursory nod to the ignorance and racism that underpinned the Wild West, but Blazing Saddles made no bones about it -- while also being one of the funniest movies of the last 35 years.

Random trivia: Of all the offensive jokes in the movie, the studio execs were most horrified by a man punching a horse.

Queue it, stream it, buy it, however you get your flicks, but watch it. And then after his next motivational speech, tell your boss "you use your tongue prettier than a $20 whore." If s/he doesn't laugh, you didn't want to work for him/her, anyway.

You Had Me At Goat Urine

One of the lost posts! This one never made it past the draft stage before my trip to Morocco.

I was excited to buy leather bags for my sister, mom, and various loves of my life (Courtney, Tammy, King Wally), until Julia "I was a teenage buzzkill" told me that the cheap leather goods in Morocco are not actually that good of a deal -- they're tanned with goat urine and no amount of saddle soap will get rid of that funk.

I ended up buying ceramics, all of which survived the trip from Morocco to Germany. And almost all of which were smashed on the flight from Deutschland to Dallas.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warning: Do Not Overkiss the Guns

From JT's German Adventure

Not only is kissing your biceps annoying to everyone on the planet, it can also lead to unsightly bruising.

Actually, this is from indoor soccer, but i couldn't resist a gun show reference.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Remember, You Need Both Sides of The Amulet To Find the Chamber

From JT's German Adventure

Long thought lost in the sands of time, a recent flood uncovered the legendary map room of Düsseldorf, thought to contain the location of the fabled Chamber of the Cougars and its Ark of the Skanks.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 4

7:50pm -- UW-Xavier is 11 to 10 midway through the first half. Ouch. Saying they're defensive-minded clubs is the kindest thing to be said. Calling their offenses butt-ugly might be more accurate, though.

7:52pm -- UW has a guy with 3 kids on the team. I guess his abstinence-only sex ed didn't quite pan out. On the bright side, he's really bringing hope to a lot of Rec Specs-wearing virgins.

7:53pm -- I was really hoping the Microsoft ads would take the sabbath off. Apparently, they're fightin' for a smitin'.

8:16pm -- Lute Olsen retired? I figured his replacement would at least go for the snow-dome look for continuity's sake, if nothing else.

8:38pm -- Thank God for IBM. I don't think we'll be able to solve the world's energy, food, security and egocentrism issues without them.

8:40pm -- I like the Old Spice commercials. Have I mentioned I recently dated a Russian? It ended when she said my vodka consumption wasn't at a manly enough level. I still think 0.5L/day is pretty manly.

8:44pm -- Has anyone posted a mix of the Infiniti swimmer commercial with the Phelps bong photo? The "better we breathe, the better we perform" line was just too perfect.

9:58pm -- Since all the OT games and buzzer-beaters have been late games, I was really counting on Pitt-OSU. I'll be cheering against both from now on for disappointing me.
Goodbye Shemp, Hello Larry!

After my beloved Shemp was destroyed by haters last winter, I did the traditional 3 months of mourning. But last Saturday I replaced Shemp with... Larry Fine. Now, perhaps as Shemp's successor, I should've named it Curly, but it's just too nondescript. Functional? Yes. Star quality? No.
NCAA Musings, Day 3

1:32am -- They haven't ditched Clark Kellogg yet? Ugh.

1:33am -- So, that "surf the web" theme music is apparently Pontiac's commercials. I watched one, and it's clear the government cash is well-spent -- it's not like they got the best ad agency around.

2:01am -- You know, I DO need a new tractor. Thank for the reminder, John Deere!

2:03am -- Is Tim Duncan the only modern black player to rely heavily on the off-the-glass jumper?

2:05am -- It's the sweater vest asshat again. Man, I hate this jackass. Can I pay to see him beaten to death with his vest, or does it need to be filled with oranges first?

2:08am -- Why not just call it "X Men: Wolverine"? Or just "Wolverine"? Are nerds watching this and thinking, "What bullshit is this dude with claws? It's the guy from X Men? If only it were his origin..."

2:11am -- In the NBA, the WORST shot you can take is a 2 with your foot on the 3-point line. In college basketball? Best. shot. ever.

2:12am -- No-look, behind the back pass! I love it!

2:13am -- It's too bad Gonzaga couldn't afford the extra $3 per jersey to get names on the back.

2:15am -- Why is the Axe guy only pit-spraying from one arm? I tolerated their crap commercials when it was just hundreds of hot women in bikinis, but this? Repulsive and juvenile.

2:17am -- The main guy from WKU: wasn't he in "Stand and Deliver"? Is that joke racist? What about, does Duke do all its recruiting at Rush concerts? I think the Tim Duncan one & these two balance out to prove I'm an EOCM (Equal Opportunity Council of Mocking) role model.

2:18am -- But, seriously, what are the odds that Duke announces that one of their centers "disintegrates due to an overdose of ultraviolet radiation". I'm thinking $150 to win $100. As pasty as they are (yes, I am aware of the irony of this post), SOME of these guys must be undead. They're only missing the capes -- I'm pretty sure several of them have the accent already.

2:20am -- The halftime guy on the right is done for the night. A nasty case of the stares -- first the camera, then the studio anchor, then some undetermined midpoint. If he starts doing the drowsy nod, this will officially be the best halftime show not involving Joe Namath, Janet Jackson or ultimate in the Cotton Bowl.

2:30am -- This State Farm Squirrel ad is also crap. I can only guess that Madison Ave was unable to pay bonuses as usual and so lost all their talent to competitors. Because if you don't pay, they skedaddle. Or so I hear.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

But Marge, It Works For ANY Ayatollah!

Iranian Ayatollah Ali "Chuckles" Khamenei said today that he didn't think Obama represented a change from Bush:
"Even the language remains unchanged," Khamenei said.
Khamenei, wearing a black turban and dark robes, said America was hated around the world for its arrogance, as the crowd chanted "Death to America."

Yes, clearly it is the American rhetoric that hasn't changed.

You have to admit, Homer is right -- put glasses on the guy on the shirt and it's not a bad likeness.
Stately T Manor

The view at dusk from the front gate of T Manor.

Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 2

7:05pm -- SFA is getting hammered (like me!), so I switch to cheer for one of my upset picks (like the Sports Guy, I have to pick any team whose coach is named Bone). I'm just not sure if we're seeing two great point guards -- I need at everything repeated at least 5 times before I'll believe it.

7:17pm -- First off, it's not ironic that the Kansas center is playing in Minneapolis just because he's from Minnesota. If he'd been heavily recruited by NDSU or was playing UofMN, fine. Next, WTF with Aldrich's free throws? It's like he's doing the Elaine at the line. He's more than earning back whatever whiteness he loses with each monster dunk.

7:18 pm -- I take it back. He's whiter than Rush Limbaugh in a mayonnaise factory. ZING!

7:29pm -- Could CBS be in further up the NCAA's ass? I've watched 2 full games and parts of 6 others and have yet to see a SINGLE replay of a sketchy call. And if it's a dunk, it's not a "tip". I hope these announcers coughed up a lot in whichever charity auction they must've won.

7:55pm -- Reading "America: The Book" between games and this discussion question came up: "Have you ever founded anything? If so, is it something that went on to become a global superpower? If not, why not?" Yes, the Drunken Lemurs. And no, because of the fing airline price gouging last summer. Need proof of the Lemurs' existence?

8:38pm -- It's a good thing codipshit Verne Lundquist finds Bill Rafftery funny. Of course, I've never found the Flapper Generation sense of humor all that funny.

8:44pm -- Not sure if you know this, but Wolverine's got a movie coming out. I'm assuming it's a sequel to his Oscar hosting job?

8:47pm -- What can Brown do for me? Hire a new ad agency.

9:21pm -- Does Bill Gates write these crappy marketing campaigns himself, or is it Ballmer's fault? Though I think Activia should steal this as comedy gold.

9:28pm -- THIS is why I don't like doing brackets. As a sports atheist, I like cheering for whomever strikes my fancy in any particular game/match/duel. But as soon as I put $10 down, i either feel guilty about cheering for the 14 seed or like I'm selling out by cheering for the 3 seed. This admission, and the feelings behind it, would probably make LB happier than anything I ever wrote for her (if she read this).

9:38pm -- Apparently the director of the Temple-ASU game didn't get the "don't show referree errors" memo. The refs have screwed Temple on at least 3 calls in the last five minutes.

9:46pm -- A 1v16 game tied with 12 minutes left?!? Why did i switch from this? Oh, right, the moron twins are announcing. Even British Super Bowl announcers aren't this craptacular.

10:10pm -- These IBM commercials make me wish Citi would do the same: I'm building a bigger office. I'm taking a bigger salarz. Citi -- making the mistakes bigger.

10:17pm -- I mean, c'mon, a sweater vest? A sweater vest? I hope someone at UPS is getting bribed or laid for approving this crap.

10:19pm -- If you're wondering which states require you to use a new plate when going back to the buffet, just ask Bob Huggins.

10:20pm -- Apparently, "let's go back to Greg Gumbel" is announcer-speak for "let's rewatch the same damn commercials."

12:15am -- 2 sets of games, The Office, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl -- this is my Best TV Day in Germany

12:17am -- Drca? Hasn't that UN shipment of vowels made it to Serbia yet?

12:47am -- Ok, beginning to slip. But that damn Microsoft commercial -- annoying kids AND annoying old people? Why not just have Gilbert Gottfried and call it a day?

1:14am -- Aaaaaaannnnddddd... we're done. Of course the 3rd games of the day are way better than the first. Stupid CET.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 1

-- So, your team is down by 4 and you have a 2-on-2 break. You get the ball on the wing with a man ready to draw a charge. Do you:
a) Drive to the hole strong and show this chump who's boss
b) Drive for two steps, then change your mind to miss a lame pull-up attempt while still making contact
c) Pull-up for a jumper off the glass, Tim Duncan-style

If you picked anything other than c), hopefully you took your team photo before the game, because you're headed home.

-- - I gotta say, if your team is running the EXACT same offense as my high school team and CALLING IT BY THE SAME NAME, ("Flex"), you're probably not Final Four material. Then again, you might avoid Donelson Christian Academy and be ok.

-- When did Don Draper start announcing college hoops?

-- This is the first time I've ever seen two hispanic guys on the court at the same time in an NCAA game. Maryland-Cal, breaking down barriers!

-- Not sure which team is winning when you tune in late? The one with guys fouling out, then crying probably is wishing they'd taken advantage of the early checkout at the Marriott.

-- Nice to see the Law of Conservation of Greatness isn't restricted to ultimate.

-- Some people will argue, but I think it's great that CBS isn't allowed to discriminate against announcer candidates on the basis of being a fucking moron.

-- If this second game of the night were any sloppier, it'd be on Skinemax. Snap!

-- Am I the only one that expects the announcers to follow "ISAIAH THOMAS" with "signs an overrated big man to a 10-year, cap-killing contract!"

-- Obama publishing his bracket is cool, but can't he issue an executive order eliminating the possession arrow?

-- Wow, Washington-Mississippi State should have a 6-drink minimum to watch. I didn't realize there was a "Fugly" portion of the bracket.

-- To continue beating a dead horse, when your announcing partner says, with genuine surprise in his voice, "Good point" midway through the second half, you might want to consider a career change.
Look Out Comedy Central, There's a New Kid in Town

I never even dreamed that another network might follow CC's lead and put full episodes online -- for those of us condemned to channel after channel of Lederhosen Fashion Today, The Myth of Polish Sovereignty, and endless Baywaatch and Knight Rider reruns. But CBS has stepped up with live streaming of ALL NCAA games this year. Booyah!

If my wireless keyboard would work right, we might even have live blogging of a game. Until then, I'll be enjoying this solo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Really? You're Sure, Einstein?

Tonight at the gym, I'd finished my workout and was in my pre-shower attire of a towel & flip-flops (this look is all the rage in Milan and Paris). I realized I'd forgotten to take off my glasses, so I tried to open my locker with my card. Nothing. I try the one next to it, since all lockers look alike. Nothing. I keep trying for a few minutes, mainly because I don't want to trudge up to the front desk in front of all the cardio machines in just a towel (and flip-flops), since this might present a dangerous distraction to the women (and a few of the men) running on treadmills.

Fortunately an employee comes in (to use the restroom, but I piss-blocked him), and returns 5 minutes later with ANOTHER employee and a new card. Employee #2 hands me my old card and informs me "Das ist defekt" -- Dankeschön! How did you figure that one out, Nancy Drew? Of course it's defective -- THAT'S WHAT "my card doesn't work" MEANS. You fucking deutsch dolt! He gives me a day card and my old card, informing me "you can get a new card later" -- I assume he means after a shower and clothes, but it's Europe so he might mean in 2 weeks.

After my shower, I go upstairs to get my new card and leave. Employee #2 informs me it'll be 10Euro for a new card. As I'm trying to figure out to say GFY in German, Brainiac realizes I'm a bit annoyed. He gives me the international clerk look for, "don't worry, this one 's on me" and I walk out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Make Sure You Retain King Viki!

As one of his employers, I have to say that VikiP did not, in my estimation, warrant $10M in compensation this year. Since the stock dropped 80% on his watch (and, yes, part of that WAS his fault -- Old Lane's $1B implosion was all him), I am scared to think what he will earn once it turns around, even slightly. The best part is that the retarded spider monkeys on the Board covered this as a "Retention Bonus" -- like companies are lining up to hire VikiP.

However, I'm nothing if not a fair man. I have an easy solution to this and other CEO pay issues. I will Rochambeau them for the choice between our compensation packages*. Since their compensation is higher, though, I get to go first. An explanation of the rules of "Rochambeau":

*Heh. I said "package".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can't They Call It The Costanza?

A new iPhone app, Have2P, uses its GPS and database of public restrooms to tell you the closest oasis of relief. Clearly the designers are Seinfeld fans -- the last line in their product description? "With our restroom locator you need not worry about being led on a wild chase with nary a square to spare!"
My Hero

After reading "The Nine", I had a lot of respect for Sandra Day O'Connor. Now I think she rocks the universe. She's smart, funny and still kicking ignorant asses after retiring from the Supreme Court. She's now trying to help reverse the trend of declining civics education. Her new website, www.ourcourts.org, is designed to help kids learn about government. Which is a great idea, but not many kids are going to surf on over to that URL. How about www.MileyBen10LeBronPorn.org?
If God Wants Me To Be A Vegan, Why Is My Breakfast So Happy Before Scrambling?

Alternate Title: A Sign It's Going to Be a Good Day
Schiphol at Sunrise

This is from my flight into Amsterdam back in September. Given my jet-lagged-zombie status at the time, I'm pretty pleased with the shot. One of the few perks to red eye flights is that you get to see some pretty sweet sunrises. This is one of the best I've seen -- Paris topped it. Naturally, my camera was then stowed in the overhead compartment. Damn safety regulations.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hyperion, Book 0.5

Hyperion (Hyperion, Book 1) Hyperion by Dan Simmons

My review from Goodreads.com

rating: 2 of 5 stars
Aaaaaaggggh! What an annoying LACK of an ending! This isn't a cliffhanger -- the book just ends. Imagine if The Wizard of Oz ended in the middle of the first visit to Oz or if the original Star Wars ended while the gang was running around on the Death Star. Or, even better, if an hour-long episode of Star Trek ended at the 0:30 commercial break.

I want to punch a) Dan Simmons for allowing this and b) his publisher for not clearly stating that this is a huge tease.

View all my reviews.

This post brought to you by the 30 minute break between work calls on a Saturday-freaking-night.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Shocking Video!

My video rebuttal to all of you who claim I never clean Stately T Manor.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, That's Just Disturbing

So, after looking for photos of a social acquaintance to show a friend, I decided to google myself. Almost all the images returned were from Facebook, but high on the list of hits for "Chad Wemyss" was this gem:

Wow. I knew it had been tough on Il Chaddissimo with me gone, but, wow. I guess "Wemyss" is Gaelic for "homunculus"
Let There Be Booze!

Mussels, beer, waffles, chocolate! Mussels, beer, waffles, chocolate! Mussels, beer, waffles, chocolate!

This trip just furthered my belief that Brussels is a city that gets better a) with each visit and b) if you don't go far from the Grand Place. The rest is pretty much a shithole.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

55% is the New 100%

According to Blackstone, a private equity company, 40-45% of the world's wealth was destroyed in the last 18 months. Which, of course, pretty much means that the world's wealth was overrated by 80% or so, since not much on the planet has actually been destroyed in the last 18 months (unless a suprisingly large amount of wealth was based on LaDainian Tomlinson's fantasy value). Now, I realize that all wealth on the planet is just paper value, but to claim that 45% is gone? Oy vey. I weep for the sleazy slightly-less-filthy-wealthy-than-last-year
Hello, iHookup!

Fancy games, faux lighters, beers, -- has the App Store given us anything to help society? The answer is now yes. Foursquare is designed for those of us with, um, healthy* social lives. It uses GPS and other techno gizmos to allow you to tag the bars, restaurants, and (and this is theoretical -- no one has tried it) libraries that you frequent. Then you can link up with other iSheep with iPhones to hang out and compete (you get points for "surviving" douchey hangouts) for cool points.

As long as v2.0 has a feature to tag the house/apartment you wake up in, I think this is perfect for the Artist Formerly Known as the Jester

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Activia? Are You Shitting Me?

Watch more Saturday Night Live videos on AOL Video

I thought the premise for SNL's Activia sketch was a bit farfetched -- a laxative yogurt? Apparently, not. I mean, seriously, are we TRYING to annoy God and hasten the Apocalypse (or "Ragnarok" for you scandinavian readers!)?

Monday, March 09, 2009

Top 5 Books

Since I'm a ginormous reading nerd, for some reason people expect me to be able to tell them my favorite book or best book I've read this year. This is not as easy as it sounds -- I either have been reading crap (thank you, Dr. Zhivago) or an embarassment of good reads (thank you, 2009). However, My top 5 books of the last 5 years (not including rereads such as "Snow Crash" or "Dave Barry Slept Here"):

"Bonk", Mary Roach -- sex, science, and humor, who needs more?

"World War Z," Max Brooks -- Far better than I could've expected, the human-zombie war was thrilling

"Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell," Susanna Clarke -- Though this almost got bumped because her author photo isn't approved for use the USA -- You need more than one great novel to warrant country-specific photos.

"Me Talk Pretty One Day," David Sedaris -- Even better as an audiobook, I laughed so hard I ached.

"Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus' Childhood Pal," Christopher Moore -- Just because he's the Son of God doesn't mean he didn't have a best buddy who was a jackass.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cry Yourself to Sleep, King Viki

In this regular installment of the Schadenfreude Chronicles, we see that Citi CEO Vik Pandit almost lost his job late last year. Of course, most of the problems at Citi precede VikiP -- including the decision to buy the Old Lane hedge fund, largely for its management team, headlined by one Vikram Pandit -- a decision that cost Citi over $1 BILLION in less than 2 years. Apparently Vik's track record of leading a complete failure of a business to be bought by a large, gullible multinational corporation has led the Treasury to believe that he is their best hope for finding a patsy to buy the bloated carcass that is Citi. As a former employee and current taxpayer/shareholder, I'm pretty fired up about the decision to keep the "leadership" team intact.
Nutmeg, 5-Hole, Take Your Pick

Poor Jason Terry. First, it looks like he may not get to do his annual playoff choke job, and then Chris Paul shows up. Ouch.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Belgian Escalator Safety

With sleeplessness, salmonella from organic peanut butter, and all the other dangers of modern life, it's easy to forget the multitude of dangers present in our daily lives, even on seemingly harmless conveniences such as the escalator. But our friends at the Belgian Safety Dept. are working to keep awareness high. A translation for those not literate in Eurosignese:

1. If riding with a member of the Lollipop Guild, have him or her ride in front of you. No capering, please.
2. Don't try to shove your leg into the space between the sidewall and the moving steps. While it might appear a handy spot for a foot massage, it might actually injure you.
3. Please carry all dogs that have been amputated at the torso.
4. Ghosts should ride on the right side so that actual people can pass on the left without being weirded out by walking through the dead.
5. All strollers (prams to you Brits) should be attached at the waist.
6. In the name of all that is holy (in Belgium, that's nothing), do NOT wear floor-length scarves. These can inadvertently clean the filthy steps (or lead to yet another scarf-escalator hanging).

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So, the new episode of The Simpsons was especially timely -- its central story of Bart & Lisa being faced with a standardized test that will decide promotion to the next grade is exactly what my nephew is facing today. Hopefully he won't be finishing the day on a garbage scow with his principal...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Entropa, Entropa!

The stated reason for visiting Brussels this weekend was to see the controversial Entropa exhibit -- originally claimed to be a composite of 27 different artists' works, each of their own EU nation. Instead, it was all done by David Černý. It's controversial because none of the pieces are flattering, though almost all are hilarious. Unfortunately, the Bulgarians didn't think that being represented as a ceramic pit toilet was very artistic, so now they're just a black sheet.

For the descriptions of each piece and a link to the PDF containing full descriptions by the original "artists", go to the Wiki page.