Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Madness Live Blogging 2014

Oh yeah! It's my favorite sports time of year -- March Madness! And now I'm ready to stream some games!

In case you were wondering, 2006 & 2007 were bare years for me -- no streaming*.  2008-2011? Awesome. 2012-2013? The NCAA decided it could only stream to the USA. Because of all that money they were leaving on the table from TV providers uninterested in showing the games.  But 2014? I've got a proxy, and I'm ready to rumble!

8:00pm - Finished at the gym, got my smoothie and loaded up the Harvard game.  Bring on the upset!

8:01pm - Commercials running fine!

8:05pm - The NCAA, following its policy on dealing with athletes, has decided to screw me.  Why do I say this? Because the goddamn ADS stream fine, but the games? Technical difficulties.  Reload the page aaaaaannnndddd... after the ad? Technical fing difficulty.  Ugh, I hate the NCAA.  First the hypocrisy, now the incompetence.  Asshats. GFY, NCAA.  G. F. Y.

* That I knew of

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Best. Comment. Ever.

I recently wrote a post about yet another email scam, this one purporting to be from WhatsApp.  What was the first comment?  One from a first-time poster, Steve Finnell.  His comment starts with:
 "Are there translations of the Bible that are not trustworthy? I know of one or two translations out of sixty-plus English translations that are not trustworthy."
and ends with:
"99% of all translation are trustworthy. My translation, of choice, is the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE. You can get to heaven by reading the KJV, TLB-P, the NIV and many other translations.


 Nice! Way to hijack the post, Steve-arino! The Steve-meister, making comments! And excellent job of not reading any of my blog -- this is the e-equivalent of walking into a random conversation and asking, "So, which Veda do you think is most relevant?" Answer? YOU'RE NOT PART OF THIS CONVERSATION. Still, glad to be makin' friends with the Steve-meister!

You stay classy, Steve-O!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Tip For Email Scammers

I LOVE receiving email scams -- the bad grammar, the sheer insane optimism -- it's comedy gold. The latest? This gem:
An email telling me I have a WhatsApp voice mail -- clever.  Sending this email from something with "pestexperts" in the email address?  Not so much.

Nice try, and you stay classy, Pestexperts!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

North Korean Election Day Coverage!

It's everyone's favorite day -- North Korean Election Day! That's right, it's been 5 years already!  And now everyone in the world's happiest country* has two choices on their ballots:


So, get out and enjoy your democracy! And don't forget to skip a meal to show your support for Kim Il Chubby!

Seriously, this post was actually not BS.  Check out the deets.

* Except, you know, for every other country