Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's A Small World, After All

I know the ultimate community is pretty close-knit, but you don't expect to see someone pop up after 15 years. While studying in Budapest in 1993 (it was a middle school exchange program), I met Evan Christ at ultimate. We kept in touch off and on for a few years, but it's been a while. Cut to ultimate today, and there is Evan. Apparently almost the entire time I've been in the 'dorf, Evan has been 20 minutes away in scenic Wuppertal. Definitely a good cap to day of not working!

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meredith watkins said...

Hi JT. . . I have one of these stories! Sam and I went to Italy a few weeks ago. Our last morning in Venice, we ran into my college roommate Anne Marie, whom I hadn't seen since 1996. (She moved to Washington state, then Liverpool after graduation, and has been in England for 5 years.)

Small, weird world.