Friday, June 30, 2006

Observations from Germany-Argentina

1. Fun Fact: Manu Ginobili of the Spurs was kicked off the Argentina National Soccer (Futbol) team for "showing insufficient flopping ability."
2. It's hard to win a game when you spend most of it writhing in pain after no contact whatsoever.
3. In single-elimination tournaments it's not the best idea to leave your most talented player on the bench.
4. It's hard to win a game while playing with both hands wrapped around your own neck.
5. If I ever hear a German bitching about refereeing, Wayne Brady may have to choke a bitch. This is 2 consecutive World Cups that they've won games on bad no-calls in the penalty box.
6. Goose-stepping is not appropriate celebration behavior.
7. From FREETRANSLATION.COM: "argentinian" can mean either "punk-ass bitch" or "bitchy-ass punk".
8. From FREETRANSLATION.COM: "io sono italiano" means "Would you like the money in cash or wired to your account, Signor Referee?".

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