Monday, September 17, 2007

Change O' Plans

Originally, I'd planned to spend my last week of vacation (other than the 2 weeks i'll be spending in Dallas) visiting the great cities of Eastern Europe in November. I recently began to weigh the pros and cons of this idea vs a week in Morocco.

Eastern Europe
- Gorgeous Women
- Tasty, albeit heavy, food
- Cool old buildings and museums
- Great bars & clubs (see #1)
- Great beer & wine

- Cold, dreary weather
- Color scheme stolen from the Kansas scenes of "Wizard of Oz"
- Been there, done that

- Sunny weather
- Africa -- never been there
- Fabulous food
- Beaches
- Summery weather to compensate for the 3 months of rain in the Dorf

- Potentially gorgeous women far too covered
- Not so much on the booze side
- Chances of dying in the desert or by crazy fundamentalist Muslim suicide bombing significantly higher than in Europe

I'm headed for the Dark Continent! Questions I hope to answer:
1. See if Ingrid Bergman came back after the war.
2. Is there actually a Kasbah?
3. If so, can I rock it?

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