Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mmmmm... Frenchy

So the French soccer coach has gone from World Cup runner-up to 1st round exit at the Euro 2008 championships (while only scoring 1 goal in 3 matches) and he keeps his job. According to article, the president of the French Football Federation said:
"Domenech's record is not that bad as coach,'' he said. "It is not catastrophic. He qualified us two straight times for a major competition,''

So, going from winning the World Cup in '98 to 1 goal and no wins in 3 games is ok? This is why the French went from the dominant economic, political and military power of the 1600s to completely irrelevant on all 3 fronts in the world today. To make it worse, the decision to keep Domanech (who couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper sack) was completely supported by the French football establishment. The president of the French league said, "I back the decision taken by the president. When you are in trouble the only answer is solidarity.'' Um, no. the answer is fire the dolt and hire someone who a) can count to 11 with his fly zipped and b) would finish in the top 5 of the coaching search for my nephew's little league soccer team. Jesus, not even Jerry Jones extended Barry Switzer's contract.

The thing is, I dislike the French team. Aside from Ribery, they play ugly, cynical bullshit soccer. I just don't like seeing incompetence rewarded (I get enough of that at work).

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