Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Le Jacques Namath

Le quote: “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for,” Bernard said. “I’ll start my Games in the 4x100 meters freestyle relay final, confident that my pals will have qualified easily. If the relay goes according to plans, than we’ll be on a roll.”

Le douchebag:

Le Outcome:

Le Response:
Ok, It's not Alain's fault he's French, but if you go out & say you're going to "smash" another team, you should probably give 100% on the final touch. At least he carried on the tradition set by earlier luminaries:
"I'll be brunching in Waterloo tomorrow on English muffins" -- Napoleon
"They'll be choking on their kraut in days" General Joseph Joffre (architect of the French plans for WWI)
"The series of defense emplacements will be unbreachable" André Maginot
"We shall never surrender to Germany" General Maurice Gamelin
"Algeria will always be French" General Charles DeGaulle

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Jules said...

So what I really want to hear you talk about is all the faking China is doing...faking fireworks, faking a little girl singing, faking 16 year olds....and I've had a great time this year calling GB is either last or second to last in any non-semi or final event (they never make it that far).