Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Hours Should Be Plenty of Time for a 50 Mile Drive...

I just got home from an intriguing night of German soccer. Here's how the 6 hour trip broke down:

5:15 Leave Düsseldorf, NOT on a train
7:45 Arrive Dortmund stadium exit, in sight of the stadium
7:55 Watch the fing parking attendant close the just-filled stadium lot
8:15 Arrive at open parking space just outside Norway
8:42 Reach our level of the stadium in time to see replay of the 3rd goal on TV
8:45 Reach our seats
8:52 The 4th referee announces 2 minutes of stoppage time
8:55 Game over
8:57 I finish my lone beer of the evening
9:20 Enter car to return home
11:00 arrive at home

For those of you scoring at home, that's 10 minutes of soccer sandwiched inside 350 minutes of travel. Almost all of which was at cycling speed. Tricycling.

This is why I am now only attending soccer matches by train.

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