Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Skills Are Complete

It's not as well-recognized as a bar mitzvah, a quinceañera, or even a sweet sixteen party, but when a cook makes his/her own chorizo*, it's like a Jedi building a lightsaber -- your skills are complete**. And here is the proof:

Sure, it looks like dog crap. But it tasted soooooooo good. It was missing the grease of store-bought chorizo in the USA. They make that out of some incredibly obese pigs, apparently.

* The mexican version -- I'm not smoking/curing my own meat for a while. Insert joke here.
** And, just like Yoda didn't say shit about "Hey, watch out for the Emperor shooting lightning from his hands", I also can't make a bunch of basic sauces (beurre, hollandaise, etc.) and I'm recipe-cooker. But I needed a post, so chill.


Lisa said...

Man, what kind of Mexican am I that I haven't made my own chorizo?

jtingermany said...

The kind with access to a decent grocery store?