Sunday, December 02, 2012

Portugal 2012 Photos

So, I decided to learn to surf. Unfortunately, I made this decision in October, which really narrows down one's options (in Europe). It came down to: Portugal or the Canary Islands. Since I've never been to Portugal, I figured, what the hell? Also, it was much cheaper.

What an awesome trip! The Algarve (the southwestern corner of the country) is beautiful -- pretty arid, but lots of great beaches with waves and warm water even in mid-November. And the food? Sooooooo tasty (but in another post). First? The photos. Enjoy!


Joy said...

Great shots, JT! Having seen some of your photos on FB, looks like you had a fun time! Maybe Jason will be interested in joining you sometime! :-)

jtingermany said...

He definitely should -- I'm planning on a return trip next Sept or Oct! You'd definitely enjoy the food!