Monday, August 20, 2007

Music: Norah Jones

Norah Jones was in the Dorf tonight, and she was damn fine. M Ward (opening acts apparently pay by the letter on the marquee) did his own soulful one-man guitar show to get the crowd ready (for a few dozen cigarettes in the 15 minute break).

She came on to open with "Sunrise", starting on the guitar, before moving to the piano, the electric keyboard, the mandolin, then alternating between them for the rest of the set. She either did an excellent job of acting/being touched by the enthusiastic (damn near riotous, by German standards) crowd. She played all her hits and some I didn't know (which isn't surprising, since i don't have her newest CD). For me, the highlight was a song that made me think, "Hot damn, it's the Soggy Bottom Boys!" Sounding like a song straight off the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack, "My First Lover" was a great surprise.

I'd recommend you to catch her, but we were the last show in Germany, as well as "the best audience on the European tour. And I know that sounds like I'm sucking up, but I'm not." When she said it with her sweet, sincere drawl, I had to believe her.

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