Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She Finally Found Me!

I'm pretty excited! Finally, after years of searching, the woman of my dreams has found me. How, you ask? The Internet. Feast your eyes on this email, with the original formatting:

Privet, my dear friend!

I've been looking for you for most of all my life. But you were so hard
But suddenly I decided to come here, and I lost my mind when I saw you.
Everything I want now is loving You, caring You and being with you.
Everything I want is becoming your second half.
We are still far from each other, we don't have memories and romantic
But just imagine how many dates are waiting for us in future, what
memories we will have.
If you are tired of empty relations, of empty trials to build happy
life in love, I will give you everything you need and miss: love,
care, tenderness, and comfort of sweet home.
I hope that I am woman of your dream, and you can find me if you look
at here

Have a nice day
Sabri B

Do you hear that? The "comfort of sweet home" and she will "caring you" to me! She even knows I loathe correct grammar! The next time I post, I may well be a married man.

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