Thursday, January 24, 2008


Wuppertal -- it's not a town. It's actually 5 towns in a valley (of the Wupper river), connected by a monorail. What brought me to this pentagonal industrial wasteland? An art exhibit. Wuppertal actually has a fairly good art museum for a town (well, collection of towns) of 250,000 people. And they had a Renoir exhibit with a decent collection.

This is one of the galleries. I just like the picture.

A rather huge Pollock-esque painting. It's 10 feet or so wide. The paint was a good inch and a half thick off the canvas at points.

Me as part of the art.

After checking out the museum, we headed to a local brewery to sample the food and beer. Both were fabulous -- they had 4 beers on tap, all great, and quite tasty (German) food.


Steve said...

Wow. Your new blog design looks remarkably like on of my all time favorite blogs. What are the odds??

Yeah, i haven't stopped by in a while. I'm not a good friend -- but an excellent acquaintance.

jtingermany said...

"I'm a well-wisher in that I don't wish you any specific harm" Moe Szyslak