Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank You, Management Minion

I had a meeting earlier this week with my boss, one of the medium-wigs and one of his minions*. My boss explained 4 of 5 columns on a spreadsheet, and was about to move on when I chimed in (against my better judgment) to explain the 5th column. After I did, the medium-wig replied oh-so-patronizingly, "yes, obviously." Thanks, jag-weed.

So, two minutes later, his minion chimes in with, "what's this 5th column mean?" To which jag-weed replies with a near-exact copy of my description -- without any condescension at all.

Ugh, middle management. Either they don't listen or they don't care. Or both. At the same time.

* From the Greek min, meaning "monkey", and ion, meaning "dumber than"

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