Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JT Gets Profiled

Having lived most* of my life as a white person in the USA, I really haven't had much experience with being profiled. However, I live in Germany, where I assume that most criminals are white**. But tonight, riding home, possibly while whistling a carefree tune, I get pulled over by The Man. For a change, I was actually obeying stop lights AND I had lights on my bike -- this is about as traffic-law-abiding as I get. What did I do wrong? I apparently looked like some jackass who was stealing "something" off cars (this was as specific as the cop was willing to be with his suspected perp).

Fortunately, there was a happy ending -- after they checked out my suspicious bag (it held an even more suspicious container filled with salsa), he let me off with no major hassle -- not even a "freedom search".

* I was, however, born a poor black child
** Because, as Sean remarked, "There are a lot of white people here."


Steve said...

So you've gone from stealing stuff from bars to stealing stuff off of cars?

And German cops seem a lot more courteous than American cops. I almost never get a happy ending when I'm pulled over.

seanlb said...

good story bro.

have you been to Nacogdoches? there are a few crackers here.


your dad called me. we're going to do archaeology!

jtingermany said...

Steve, I might've chosen my words poorly there.

Sean, that is in my Top 5 SNL skits, ever. "Honky... Deadddddd Honky"