Monday, September 19, 2011

Brussels 2011 - Friday Night Lights

FBers go HERE for photos! So, year 2 of our long-standing* tradition of attending the Brussels Beer Fest**. The gang was much larger, with returnees/survivors Meg, Berti and T joined by newbies Scott, Peppi, Anita, Alex and special guest blogger, Steve. We learned our lesson*** from last year, trained it down and arrived in time for a few introductory beers (Hellloooooooo, Val Dieu!) at the Fest, then some hand-pulled noodles. A quick note about the noodles -- the guy stretches them out downstairs and they. are. awesome. The gang (I'm looking at you, Berti & Steve) were skeptical about my restaurant choice, but their skepticism was met with a slap in the face by my friend, Mr. Tastiness****. Suck it, punks. We then were taken to a cool "local" bar by local pro Maria. Unfortunately, we went to the same local bar last year, so we were underwhelmed. To be fair, it was cool, so we were just adequately whelmed. At this point, we had a split -- Meg & I took hyper-jet-lagged Steve back to the hotel (the sweet BXL Room) then had a last beer at Poechenellekelder (or, as we call it, the Classy Delirium). The rest of the gang kept going, which turned out to be a HUGE mistake for Scott (stolen smartphone + massive hangover = should've gone to Classy Delirium) and may or may not have generated stories for the rest of the gang. I've been sworn to silence by McGiver himself. * If I can consider myself to be "average height", I can consider 2 years "long-standing" ** Technically, the Belgian Beer Weekend, but I think "Brussels Beer Fest" sounds about a billion times better *** Well, some of the lessons **** No, that's not sexual. Get your mind out of the gutter, you perv.

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