Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She's Just Using You For Your Name

So, I was out with friends last weekend, and one of the women fell IN LOVE with one of my friends, let's call him "Tomberto".* More accurately, she fell in LUURRRVVVEE with his name (which for blogging purposes will be "Tomberto"). Throughout the night, she would loudly exclaim, "TOMBERTO, my love!" Which was made all the funnier by her sobriety**. Everytime she or he would return from the bar/dancefloor/toilet/police station, or if there was a slight lull in the conversation, we would again hear of her intense feelings for his name. Which made it HI-larious when later in the night, she (still sober) proclaimed***, "ROBERTO, I LOVE your name!" She tried to explain how it was pretty much the same, but the damage had been done -- never cheat on a name in front of it. * In spite of his being a supporting character to the leading character that is his name, "Tomberto" wanted anonymity ** My stronger level of sobriety did not, sadly, add to the humor *** I've used both pro- and ex-claim, but I just can't get declaim in the post. Dammit.

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