Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beer of the People or Beer of the Elite?

One great idea that Slovenia has had is to have 2 national brews, Lasko and Union. The red Union beer signifies a backing of the people (long live the proletariat!) while the green Lasko (with a goat symbol) shows support for the nouveau riche bourgeoise. I think this is a spectacular idea. Wouldn't it be great to tell at a glance at his/her beer the political leanings of a person? "Fucking commie liberals" or "fucking Republican fascists" would then be perfect openings lines. Of course, if s/he were drinking Zima, you'd have to have something positive about Ralph Nader or Ross Perot.

If any (either) of you reading this has political party ties, see what you can do about getting a Budweiser Bullshitter Bock or a Labatt's Liberal Lite (if you're liberal, you might as well be Canadian). Keep me posted!

This post brought to you by a joint effort of the Lasko and Union Breweries.

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