Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Have Been Diagnosed With SITS

Immediately after the USA-Brazil Confederations Cup Final, I was diagnosed with SITS* - Soccer-Induced Tourette's Syndrome. Symptoms are uncontrollable loud cursing during and/or after watching soccer games of beloved teams (in this case, the USA). Only cures are better finishing and oral application of alcohol. However, the condition is rarely fatal if the victim is watched carefully by several large friends.

* Not to be confused with the British version, FITS (Football, not Soccer), or SHITS (Send Help Into The Shitter, which I last had after visiting Morocco in 2007)


Chad W said...

SITS hits particularly hard when you get home from an ultimate tournament at 10:30, decide "well, I'll watch the first 10 minutes" and then... what's this, we're winning! Holy crap!!! I have to watch! Whoa... we're up 2 goals?

Initial symptoms hit shortly after halftime, and are aggravated by a lack of good substitution decisions.

Klejstan and Bornstein? Really?

jtingermany said...

I think that, given the alternatives, those are the best choices, at least bornstein. i would've preferred Torres over klejstan, though. And I would've liked bornstein earlier as a left back to give a 4-5-1 when we still had a lead. however, no worries. With the german d-mid coming, that'll help.

Bring on Azteca!