Monday, June 15, 2009

Confed Cup: USA - Italy 2nd Half

49:00 - The USA looks content to defend and play the long ball. That NEVER backfires.

51:00 - Or not! Altidore, Dempsey & co. show they have other ideas.

52:00 - Handy Cam has almost the exact same tackle that cost Clark a red card. In Italian, it's just a foul.

53:00 - Italian defensive strategy on Altidore is simple. Hold them, then hack them, then throw him down. This is one group that seems determined not to be the ones with a knife in a gunfight.

55:00 - Fabio Grosso is apparently ok with the perpetuation of stereotypes about Italians.

56:30 - Giuseppi "I'm too good to play for the USA" Rossi comes in for Handy Cam while Gattuso goes out for a large man with a suspicious-looking bulge under his black leather jacket.

59:00 - Nah, you don't want someone who can do that on your team. Nice work by Arena & Gulati in not pursuing Rossi. 1-1. Ugh

65:00 - You know a team dislikes playing against you when they sprint over to tell you that you're being subbed for. Great work by Altidore in scaring the Azzurri D sin merda

70:00 - I didn't realize Chris Rock was on the US team. No, wait, that's the corpse of DaMarcus Beasley.

71:00 - Goddammit. I hate De Rossi. And why didn't Onyewu use his left foot?

75:00 - I do like a 'keeper so intent on yelling at a defender that he can't be bothered to make a good outlet pass.

78:00 - I just figured it out -- I need an HD receiver to see Dempsey in the 2nd half.

79:20 - Right on cue, Dempsey shoots from range right at Buffon. This is followed up by Toni flopping twice in 2 seconds. I don't think he likes big defenders.

80:40 - Apparently kneeing Donovan's head in the penalty box is ok if you fake an injury.

85:00 - I think it's obvious we need some Adu. Is he that rusty? Hopefully Kljestan can pass the ball better than he has recently.

87:36 - And that's a nice little shot -- a few inches over the bar. He's got about 5 minutes to sharpen that up.

93:00 - That's what happens when you play a man down for most of the game. Oh well, 2 more games to play. I fing hate the Italian team. They're hanging out in soccer hell with the Mexican team, at least in my cosmology. I hope they get busjacked on the ride back to the hotel. GAH!


Chad W said...

"Ima so mad Ima gonna smasha some barrels." Nice!!!

Should we start taking a buy-a-ref collection now for the world cup?

jtingermany said...

Or just find a giant ape wearing a thong that can throw barrels. Either way.