Sunday, June 10, 2012

Soccer Fans "Too Busy" to Visit Prostitutes

Ukrainian Interior Ministry official Oleh Matveitsov apparently sees this scenario recurring often during the EM 2012

Fan 1:  I sure could go for a prostitute, what do you think?
Fan 2:  Are you crazy?  We don't have enough time!  We have lots of beer to drink and football to watch!
Fan 1:  Good point.  I had forgotten that I only have time for 2 activities while in (the) Ukraine!
Fan 2:  I can't imagine anyone would have time, with two 90-minute games per day to watch.  The remaining 21 hours will need to be filled with beer!
Fan 1:  That's right!  The Prime Minister promised that the women would take off their clothes when it warmed up, but I'm too busy to notice!

So, you can see, denying the problem exists is the best solution. The next-best solution is, of course, ignoring the problem. After all, it mostly affects young, poor women, and they're not really important*.  And everyone knows that underage prostitutes are the culprits, not the victims**.

You stay classy, Ukrainian government officials!

* For those of you unfamiliar with my blog, this is sarcasm.
** Seriously, read the article.  Ugh.

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