Sunday, October 05, 2014

Cologne Space Invader Hunt

I've been a big fan of Space Invaders sinceI saw an exhibit in Ljubljana in 2006.  I've searched them out in Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Ljubljana. But I never found any in Cologne, in spite of living twenty minutes away.  In my defense, I couldn't waste time looking -- if any Kölners found out that a loyal 'dorfer was on their territory, I was at risk of being force-drunk kölsch*. However, Friday was a holiday, and I wasn't traveling.  So I figured I'd go on a hunt. Here's what I found. One I expected was missing -- did The MAN pull it? Or just some asshat civilian? Hard to say. But I'm betting on The Man.

The first was easy -- on the bridge from Deutz to the Hbf:
The next few were tougher, one on a pedestrian bridge:
One at Heumarkt:
Two near the Dom:

Some in the hipster section:

And a few near the tracks:

 * OK, in retrospect, it seems like I should've done this. Repeatedly.

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