Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Champions League Diary: Chelsea-Barcelona 2nd Leg, 1st Half

0:56 - Ok, the feed into Chez T started a bit late due to 30 Rock running a few minutes late.

9:ish - WOW. Maybe the best goal I've seen in Champion's League play. Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini both call press conferences to take credit for the quality of the goal. Hope Solo is being interviewed on the sideline saying she could have stopped it.

13:16 - Now, this is soccer -- passing the ball across the back, hopeless clears by the defense. Even Beckenbauer must think this is ugly.

16:01 - Barca is having trouble starting their quick touch-quick flop offense.

16:30 - Frank Lampard, showing English finishing style, injures a woman in the upper deck with his open shot from 8 yards.

19:00 - I like the extremely shiny bald refs. Why is it that NBA refs insist on the Larry Fine? It always seems like games are being run by monks in cheap gray t-shirts.

24:00 - For fans of free kicks that run parallel to the goal line, that was a classic.

26:05 - I am pretty sure the ref missed that potential PK when he had to shoot some perp.

29:02 - I didn't realize that Barca had signed a Landon Donovan impersonator.

42:00 - OK, I got a bit distracted by Photoshop Elements.

43:10 - It takes a big man to pass back to the 'keeper -- from midfield.

45:00 - Arguing with the ref after he's called time -- has this EVER worked? Are they hoping that he'll say, "You know, you do deserve another chance to score. I hadn't thought of that."

A great shot, not a great half. Barcelona dominated -- until the goal. They've looked shell-shocked since. Which is odd, because with the away goal rule, they're still just a goal from the final.

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