Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ghent G-Spot Wrap-up

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So, Ultimate deLux had our first tournament of the year, G-Spot in Ghent.  How was it?  Let's get the breakdown:

Travel: This is one where I pretty much dropped the ball.  Actually, work took the ball out of my hands, put it on the ground, then stomped it flat*.  My plan to have Reverend Stiffy squire me around Antwerp gave way to an early train to Ghent and some tasting of local beers.  I thought the brown was pretty tasty, though Josh's enjoyment was lessened due to my camera obsession.  At least I crossed another brewery off the list!

Party: A great party!  Of course, you get a bunch of drunk Irish in fancy dress** and you're either going to have fun or the makings of a good joke.  Definitely one to return to, hopefully with a costume and after a power nap.

Play: We played ok, but very sporadically.  It was painfully obvious that it was our first tournament and that we were missing 2 of our speedy guys due to injury.  We finished 7th out of 14, but several people stood out.  Jan was a rock on O, Bojan continued to step up his play, and Micha had some big Ds.

Injury Report: Here are the injuries, and their explanations (not necessarily what was claimed by the injured party):
  • Judith: Neck, later found out to be the result of bad encounter with a vampire.
  • Torben: Ankle, suffered trying to get home early from his previous tournament.
  • JT: Ankle, suffered trying to moonwalk on the treadmill to impress a woman.
  • Dani: Knee, suffered doing a complete splits while breaking a mark.
  • Meryl: Hamstring, suffered while trying to throw both the O and D gurus under the bus.

Team Fun:  For the first tournament with this group, it was a blast!  The continued quest for Meryl's nickname continued, with Snort leading the way.  Fred's dancing and cheers were great, and those who had costumes did so with style (or, more accurately, a complete lack thereof).

Photos:  Enjoy!

* With the help of the Thalys.
** "Costume" for any Americans still reading this

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