Monday, May 17, 2010

Semi-Regular German Lesson: Fleischdecke

One thing I love about learning German* are the many awesome words that we don't have in English.  Of course, "schadenfreude" has been stolen and my friends are slowly working "wegbier" into conversation.  This weekend, I learned another.

Friday night was cold.  Really freaking  cold.  Like ice-on-the-tent cold, or icicle-under-a-faucet cold.  We were commiserating about this on Saturday, when Martin said to Meryl** with a straight face, "what you need is a fleischdecke."  Wait, what?  Fleischdecke literally means "meat blanket".  Martin quickly explained that sometimes to keep warm, one must go beyond cloth blankets and bring someone to bed to keep you warm -- a meat blanket.

Ever the pragmatist, Meryl glanced at Adriano and Josh (who shared a tent) and asked, "can I have two?"

So, next time you're cold, or maybe just lonely, why not pass on the fleece and go for a meat blanket instead?

* Clearly studying isn't something I love about it.
** She whined about the cold more than I did, though with significantly fewer f-bombs.

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Feli said...

To be honest, I NEVER heard that word before!