Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rochelle, Rochelle Part 2: The Visa

On the DVD version of "Rochelle, Rochelle: A Young Girl's Erotic Journey From Milan to Minsk" there is a deleted scene entitled "Rochelle Gets Her Visa".  With no money and lacking the proper documents, she has to convince the stern Belarusian embassy functionary to issue the visa, with erotic results!

In what was a harbinger for the trip as a whole, I had the opposite result -- I had the money, documents I needed but, sadly, no erotic displays to get my visa.  Just an exorbitant fee for the visa and a very reasonable 30€* fee for the visa agency.

So, I took my passport with the spiffy new visa for a spin:

Impressive, right?  I love the cyrillic -- way cooler than the Latin alphabet.
Next up:  The trip proper starts in Milan!

* I consider it reasonable as it saved me two trips to Bonn, either of which would've cost 20€

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