Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Morocco: Day 7 Taroudannt

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Originally the plan was to go to Taroudannt on Day 2, which is market day there. This didn't happen, but it worked out for the best. On the way home from Marrakech, I met Nadia, a Moroccan woman who was returning from a cousin's wedding. She invited me to spend the day in Taroudannt with her & I went for it.

We met at 930 and took a grands taxi (hint: don't say the "s") -- basically a Mercedes-Benz sedan with a driver & 6 passengers -- 2 in the front and 4 in the back. Fortunately, Nadia is slim & I was able to get enough room to revive feeling to my feet midway through the hourlong trip.

Life in Taroudannt is a bit slower and has muchmore traditional dress than in Morocco or Agadir.

After a quick stop at her parents' house to drop off her bag, we walked around the city, accompanied by her younger sister, Ghizlain (I probably mispelled it, but since I called her by the wrong name for several hours, this is an improvement). This improved conversation a lot -- Nadia speaks French & Arabic, and I don't but Ghizlain speaks some English. Before this, we got by due to my Lonely Planet phrasebook and general good humor.

Taroudannt's walls lend it a cool vibe -- kind of militant and snug, all at once.

But there's plenty of green -- much more than Marrakech or Agadir.

We walked through the town, then headed back for a bite of lunch (for me & Ghizlain, who was mysteriously not fasting) and a nap (for Nadia, who was). Afterward we walked a bit more & then had a homecooked meal -- a quite tasty one, too.

Me, Nadia & Ghizlain

Nadia & Mohammed (her oldest brother) walked me to the grands taxi stand and I headed home. Luckily, I only waited about 5 minutes for a ride -- lucky since I only had less than a minute to spare between getting to my hotel room and the onset of the Sultan's Revenge...

Nadia's family & me at dinner.

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