Monday, October 15, 2007

Reading: The Inheritance of Loss

Kiran Desai's Booker Prize-winning (in 2006) novel has the least likable set of characters I've encountered in a while. The story flits between Biju, an Indian in New York seeking his fortune, and a group living in the house of the judge, a self-loathing racist who won't acknowledge his granddaughter or his cook (Biju's father) though they live in his house.

While the novel reads easily enough, none of the characters drew me in. And the side characters in the novel, be they American, English or Indian, are all one-dimensional caricatures.

Sure, there are themes of alienation, loss, yada yada yada, but I don't think they're worth investing 350 pages, especially since there's not even a semblance of an ending.

Still, if you want it, go to Amazon.

Grade: C+

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