Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

To answer Sean's question in detail, I'm not working shifts. But we are converting to a new system, and this summer is the target, so we are testing and practicing to get it right. Here's a rundown of my schedule this weekend:

10:00 am: Call-in to make sure all is on schedule. It is.
11:20 am: Get on the train to Duisburg to check issues there.
2:30 pm: Head home, get a workout in.
8:00 pm: Try to get some sleep. Fail.
9-11 pm: Ditto, add "control increasing rage"
12 mid: Another status call to prevent sleep
1:55 am: Get on the bike & haul ass to work (record time with no traffic!). Check issues that have since arisen.
6:00 am: Try not to kill administrators that want me to be onsite for the delayed-by-2-hours decision call.
8:00 am: Decision call, with me reminiscent of the antagonists in "Dawn of the Dead"
8:15 am: Head home on the bike, riding one-handed as my right middle finger is permanently extended.

Actually, it wasn't too bad. I was zonked on Sunday, but getting another vacation day (maybe to be used in newly independent Kosovo?) might make it worth it.

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