Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Champions League Live Blogging: Bayern Munich-Lyon 1st Leg, 2nd Half

52:00 - Ouch. Müller's master class on incompetence continues. Lahm set him up with an easy shot from 7 yards and he ... whiffed and fell.

54:00 - The ref apparently heard the crowd whining as he just gave a 2nd yellow to a Lyon player for getting the ball without contact. A bold makeup call.

56:00 - Cris's career has ended for the 2nd time tonight. Let's hope the lack of a card again spurs a full recovery.

58:55 - Müller's Calvalcade of Crapitude continues.

60:15 - COMPLETED PASS!!!! It was only 2 yards, and both he and the receiver were unmarked, but that's still completely unexpected.

62:00 - Robben's kind of a whiny little bitch, isn't he?

67:45 - Gomez had a tough choice there -- play a weak header directly at the keeper, or lay it off to an open Müller. He made the right call and went for the header.

68:45 - GOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLL! Robben takes a break from whining to the ref and cracks a shot that glances off Müller's head yet still manages to find the net.

75:00 - Lyon seems content to sit back on their 1-goal deficit. Maybe aggregate scoring is done differently in France.

81:45 - How unafraid of Müller is Lyon? They let him have a free header -- in the penalty box. He did it with authority, though. It was EMPHATICALLY off-target.

86:50 - The announcer has noticed the malaise and shifted his focus to the return leg on Wednesday. Let's hope both teams get their caffeine next time.

88:45 - Müller gives a half-hearted challenge to give the appearance of effort on defense, leading to an open shot that was about 12 inches from tying the game.

90:00 - I have to admit, I like the single announcer. There's no temptation for him to fall into a pointless conversation.

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