Monday, February 28, 2011

Karneval Costume Ideas: The Wire

So, it's the 5th season, and Karneval is just around the corner.  That means the never ending beatdown of deciding on a costume.  Having just finished watching The Wire, I have some suggestions for costumes:
  • Omar (Early) - Black duster, fake scar, shotgun, and attitude.  The key here is to get someone to enter rooms in front of you, yelling "Omar comin'! Yo, Omar comin'!"
  • Omar (Late) - Fake scar, makeshift crutch, a limp, and a gaping gunshot wound to the head.
  • DeAngelo Barksdale - Prison uniform, light dusting of powder under your nose and noose around your neck.  Bonus points if the noose is connected to a doorknob.
  • Snoop - Braids, black cap askew, grey hoodie sweatshirt, slow speech, a glock and no moral compass. Couple costume idea: find someone to go as either Chris or a corpse
  • McNulty - Either in a police uniform or a cheap suit, the beauty of this is that the drunker you get, the more accurate the costume.  And if you meet a blonde fan of the show, all you'll need is a car hood!


magpie said...

1. You can't go as DeAngelo in prison. That's just wrong and sad. You shouldn't make folks cry at Karneval.

2. I highly recommend adding a box of honey nut to either Omar costume.

Anonymous said...

Will you do the American version or the dubbed German version if you go as someone from a TV-series, though? ;-)

jtingermany said...


1) My ability to make people cry at Karneval is clearly stated on my résumé.

2) Great suggestion!


Of course I'll go as the American version!

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