Friday, July 01, 2011

2011 WWC - France v Canada

Tonight at the gym, I finally caught some of the WWC going on here in lovely Deutschland. Here are my thoughts on France-Canada.

Canada's strategy was based on 3 points:

  1. Kick the ball hard -- The Canucks* played a "direct" style -- they would kick it downfield and hoped that something good would happen. This was ineffective for my team when I was 6, and it had the same result for the Canucks.
  2. Play with the ball in front of your goal -- This was a specialty of my high school teammate Beston, and it had the same result here: the other team scores and everyone yells at you.
  3. Play the ball into space -- This is actually a solid technique, unless you speak Canucklish, where "space" means "the feet of the opposing team".

France's strategy was much simpler:
Let the Canadians screw up. This worked well, as the Canadians screwed up like Huey Long voted -- early and often**.

So, supposedly the Canucks were a pre-tournament title hopeful. Based on the 20 minutes I saw, I'd say they have 2 chances: Jack and Shit -- and Jack just left town.

* If you're offended that I refer to them as "Canucks", I don't care. I was offended by their suckitude.
** Maybe it wasn't Huey Long who popularized this phrase, but he was a shady Louisiana politician, so I'm going with it.

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