Monday, July 23, 2012

Tony Parker -- Nerd Don Juan

Sure, he's a sleazy French asshat -- he cheats on Eva-fing-Longoria with his teammate's wife, but he's also proving that nerds can not only play hoops but also get with the ladies.
 He keeps his nerd credentials with his glasses and by having a German kids' candy (nerds love their foreign candy) sponsor his team.  Kareem and Kurt Rambis both tried to cash in on their nerd credentials, but neither had sufficient mojo. Can Parker become the prophesied Nerd Lothario*?  Only the Olympics can tell -- but if I were Lolo Jones, I'd pass on dinner with the smoooooooth-talking French nerd.

After all, if cartoons taught me anything about French men, it's that they are smooth-talking, smelly date rapists.

* Nerdthario?


Anonymous said...

As long as he doesn't use the glasses in bed...

jtingermany said...

You never know with the French