Sunday, February 01, 2009

Aussie Open: Live(ish) Blogging 2nd Set

11:02 One area where this rivalry really pales in comparison to Sampras-Agassi is in the companion dept. Pete had the actresses (inpressive for a guy with low grade voice immodulation), Agassi had his parade of high-profile supporters. Federer & Nadal seem to be going with the stable-long-term-relationship plan. Which is great for them as people, not so good for the announcers and bloggers struggling for something to say.

11:09 I hope this service game is a long one. I'm dreading that damn Kia Solo ad.

11:14 It was worth Federer getting broken to have Toyota instead of Kia. Killing spree has been temporarily postponed.

11:35 And after a two-hour warmup, it'll be a best-of-three-sets final.

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