Friday, March 26, 2010

Ever Wonder What Kramer Is Up To These Days?

You Facebook bastards go HERE for video. So, as you Seinfeld fans know, Kramer had several aliases during the show's run, most notably Martin Van Nostrand. However, in the last season*, he played the role of Professor Pennypacker, a wealthy industrialist.

While he claimed to be opening salt mines or Saab factories or generally tussling with Kel Varnsen,

I've discovered his antics after the show. He entered the distilling business. That's right -- Kramer is making hooch.

It's got long legs, salty overtones of the beach, and has the lure of the animal. Pennypacker -- the timeless art of seduction. In a bottle.

* Season(s)? I'm not googling this. Bloggers state facts, not check them.

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