Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello, iHookup!

Fancy games, faux lighters, beers, -- has the App Store given us anything to help society? The answer is now yes. Foursquare is designed for those of us with, um, healthy* social lives. It uses GPS and other techno gizmos to allow you to tag the bars, restaurants, and (and this is theoretical -- no one has tried it) libraries that you frequent. Then you can link up with other iSheep with iPhones to hang out and compete (you get points for "surviving" douchey hangouts) for cool points.

As long as v2.0 has a feature to tag the house/apartment you wake up in, I think this is perfect for the Artist Formerly Known as the Jester


Steve said...

His proper title is Marquis of Burr (designate).


jtingermany said...

I forgot and was too lazy to open a window to The Summer of Steve. True story.