Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 3

1:32am -- They haven't ditched Clark Kellogg yet? Ugh.

1:33am -- So, that "surf the web" theme music is apparently Pontiac's commercials. I watched one, and it's clear the government cash is well-spent -- it's not like they got the best ad agency around.

2:01am -- You know, I DO need a new tractor. Thank for the reminder, John Deere!

2:03am -- Is Tim Duncan the only modern black player to rely heavily on the off-the-glass jumper?

2:05am -- It's the sweater vest asshat again. Man, I hate this jackass. Can I pay to see him beaten to death with his vest, or does it need to be filled with oranges first?

2:08am -- Why not just call it "X Men: Wolverine"? Or just "Wolverine"? Are nerds watching this and thinking, "What bullshit is this dude with claws? It's the guy from X Men? If only it were his origin..."

2:11am -- In the NBA, the WORST shot you can take is a 2 with your foot on the 3-point line. In college basketball? Best. shot. ever.

2:12am -- No-look, behind the back pass! I love it!

2:13am -- It's too bad Gonzaga couldn't afford the extra $3 per jersey to get names on the back.

2:15am -- Why is the Axe guy only pit-spraying from one arm? I tolerated their crap commercials when it was just hundreds of hot women in bikinis, but this? Repulsive and juvenile.

2:17am -- The main guy from WKU: wasn't he in "Stand and Deliver"? Is that joke racist? What about, does Duke do all its recruiting at Rush concerts? I think the Tim Duncan one & these two balance out to prove I'm an EOCM (Equal Opportunity Council of Mocking) role model.

2:18am -- But, seriously, what are the odds that Duke announces that one of their centers "disintegrates due to an overdose of ultraviolet radiation". I'm thinking $150 to win $100. As pasty as they are (yes, I am aware of the irony of this post), SOME of these guys must be undead. They're only missing the capes -- I'm pretty sure several of them have the accent already.

2:20am -- The halftime guy on the right is done for the night. A nasty case of the stares -- first the camera, then the studio anchor, then some undetermined midpoint. If he starts doing the drowsy nod, this will officially be the best halftime show not involving Joe Namath, Janet Jackson or ultimate in the Cotton Bowl.

2:30am -- This State Farm Squirrel ad is also crap. I can only guess that Madison Ave was unable to pay bonuses as usual and so lost all their talent to competitors. Because if you don't pay, they skedaddle. Or so I hear.


Jadarockstar said...

JT....What is it with you and sweater vests? Give the guy a break eh?

jtingermany said...

As soon as he stops his commercial onslaught of crapitude, I'll cut him some slack.