Sunday, March 22, 2009

NCAA Musings, Day 4

7:50pm -- UW-Xavier is 11 to 10 midway through the first half. Ouch. Saying they're defensive-minded clubs is the kindest thing to be said. Calling their offenses butt-ugly might be more accurate, though.

7:52pm -- UW has a guy with 3 kids on the team. I guess his abstinence-only sex ed didn't quite pan out. On the bright side, he's really bringing hope to a lot of Rec Specs-wearing virgins.

7:53pm -- I was really hoping the Microsoft ads would take the sabbath off. Apparently, they're fightin' for a smitin'.

8:16pm -- Lute Olsen retired? I figured his replacement would at least go for the snow-dome look for continuity's sake, if nothing else.

8:38pm -- Thank God for IBM. I don't think we'll be able to solve the world's energy, food, security and egocentrism issues without them.

8:40pm -- I like the Old Spice commercials. Have I mentioned I recently dated a Russian? It ended when she said my vodka consumption wasn't at a manly enough level. I still think 0.5L/day is pretty manly.

8:44pm -- Has anyone posted a mix of the Infiniti swimmer commercial with the Phelps bong photo? The "better we breathe, the better we perform" line was just too perfect.

9:58pm -- Since all the OT games and buzzer-beaters have been late games, I was really counting on Pitt-OSU. I'll be cheering against both from now on for disappointing me.

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Jadarockstar said...

You better be cheering for Wisconsin....even if they're sucking balls at the moment.