Thursday, July 16, 2009

Being a Good Samaritan Pays Off

As I'm locking up my bike tonight, a guy comes running toward me, hands outstretched, spouting gibberish*. My immediate sense of annoyance turns to fear when i see his hands are covered in black gunk -- clearly he's on a tarring-and-feathering binge and is looking for another victim. Not so fast, there, Hans! Then I notice he's pointing to a bike and asking if I have a wrench**. I go upstairs, get a wrench and then see that the problem is that he's missing a nut*** to keep his back wheel attached to the frame (which I don't have). I tell him this, and he says, "Dammit! Well, do you have 20 Euro? You can have the damn thing."

Now, I realize that this bike is probably stolen -- it's way nicer than my bikes and they cost 80 Euro (total). But if I don't buy it, someone else might -- and they might pay more. Which would lead to him thinking theft is even more profitable and encourage him to continue. Thanks to my quick-thinking-rationalization, I paid the man 20 Euro and now have what may well be Curly Howard. If I can get a nut for that rear wheel, that is.

* I.e., German.
** I was assuming it meant "wrench". It could've meant "saw sharp enough to cut through human bone"
*** Insert your own joke here.

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big dave said...

Inserted joke:
***Was it Lance Armstrong?