Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Beard Chronicles

When Brendan & I decided on our Halloween costumes, I knew it would require a commitment from me -- a commitment to facial hair. As several of my guy friends* know, this is one of the best parts of Halloween -- the growing of appropriate facial hair.

This is shortly after the very crowd-pleasing scruffy phase. It's also just under a week before the "so, when are you going to shave?" questions start.

And this is a few days AFTER those questions start.

Here I am in full CW-wannabe mode. Though I like to think of myself as one of the early CW-concept mock-ups. Damn focus groups, saying my interest in ultimate and that my alternative-spelling girlfriend wouldn't catch on. And what do they go with? DU-freaking-captain boy dating "Kaycie".

I know, you're wondering whose copyright I'm infringing with this headshot of Timberlake from "Dick in a Box". But it's really me. Of course, the last time I got caught infringing on myself, I had to clean up trash along Highway 59 for 8 Saturdays straight.

And here I am now. Any suggestions for the next step in reducing the beard?

* OK, fine. Just CW and Dave know this.

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