Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I'm Not Thankful For

Thanks to King Wally blog blocking me with his snarky thankfulness list, I am instead listing what I am NOT thankful for today. The racist fing Pilgrims can kiss my ass.

1. Heavy German Doors - This had been mildly amusing before I was on crutches, but now the German obsession for doors apparently out of plutonium is a HUGE pain in my ass.

2. Working on Thanksgiving. Ugh.

3. No Thanksgiving football.

4. Convection ovens that screw up all my recipes because of the damn fan. Ugh.

5. Missing my favorite holiday, and the one best suited for me sappily telling my friends how awesome* they are.

6. Jackholes who weasel out of cohosting Thanksgiving because they're going to London.

7. Mutant toes.

8. Morons who don't move out of the way of the guy on crutches -- I'm on crutches, who knows if I'm on pain meds or anti-psychotics? I could, AND VERY WELL MIGHT, go crazy and beat you inconsiderate asshats to death with these very crutches.

* That's pretty freaking awesome.

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