Friday, July 02, 2010

Meet Ultimate deLux - Part 5


(Meike is the one drinking the beer, Giggles is the one smiling, and if there were a Gimp, she'd probably be the one seated the lowest, right?)
Nickname(s): Again, none. It's getting pathetic.
Best Throw: The sneaky huck after only throwing short throws for 2 training camps.
Why She's Awesome: Generally, when I get injured, I like to whine. Not Meike. First, she keeps playing, up until the point where the captain* has to tell her, "Meike, you should stop playing because your foot just fell off." Meike will then argue that it's her backup foot and she rarely uses it because she's right-footed. But if you do get her to stop trying to play through intense pain, does she whine like a little punk blogger that responds to "J'arrive"? No, she keeps cheering and takes stats. And when she's not injured, what does she do? Kick ass, that's what.


(Baggage? She don't need no stinkin' baggage!)
Nickname(s): Meesh, I guess. Though it's not much of a nickname.
Best Throw: The one with the spin. Give me a break, our team is freaking huge. OK, fine. She's got a great, um, backhand. What with the flatness and all.
Why She's Awesome: Well, it's not for bailing out on the team for a year to go see if toilets flush backwards in Australia. It might be for showing up J'arrive in a beer race. It might be for her smart-ass attitude couched in a quiet niceness.


(Steve in mid-heckle, as you can see by the intense expression on Freek's and Adriano trying to pretend like he's not listening)
Nickname(s): Kiwi
Best Throw: The quick dump so he can go beat his man, again. Steve sees O possessions as a challenge to catch as many passes as possible. He is especially good at catching a pass, throwing it, then catching ANOTHER before his defender catches up. It's really rather rude.
Why He's Awesome: When I started playing with deLux, Steve was an incredibly nice, speedy guy. I'm proud to say that after 4 years of my influence, he's a key heckler on the team (and still speedy). He's also still very nice, but at least now he can ignore that temporarily to mock anyone, especially Meryl, that needs it. Seeing him might also be a reason I look forward to playing deLux tournaments, but it might not**.


(As much as Tammy looks like an elf, it looks like T has on those fake antenna, right?)
Nickname(s): Giggles, "Future Elf"
Best Throw: All her throws, where she screams out, "Catch it, asshole, or I'll break your goddamn legs!" -- At least I'm betting that's true. She's so happy and nice I assume there's a dark side lurking.
Why She's Awesome: Not the speed. Not the handling. Not the constant positivity. Not even her assertion that, and I quote, "bloggers are the sexiest men alive"***. It's that she loves**** playing with deLux, and it shows. And she's BORN to be an elf.


(Torben regrets being close enough to JT to catch injury-itis)
Nickname(s): Flash, ah-ah!*****
Best Throw: Either a sweet fing huck or a hot fing break-mark. WHen your team is screaming at you for allowing one of those, you choose.
Why He's Awesome: Layout Ds? Ballsy throws? Trying to play through injuries? Why don't you pick one? Oh, and he's there to keep up our spirits.


(Bojan is beaten down, Flash is making a great face, and Weebs is surviving Meryl's tactics with such a cute expression. Heh.)
Nickname(s): Weebs, Doc Rocket
Best Throw: A low air bounce backhand that gently settles into her receiver's hands.
Why She's Awesome: Let's make a list:

  • Shut-down D?  Check
  • Open all-day, everyday?  Check
  • Can break a mark, huck it, or just chill?  Check
  • Is constantly looking to improve on every aspect of her game EXCEPT for buying beers for bloggers? Check 
  • Always is receptive to advice, even from midget D coordinators?  Check
  • After she beats her defender so badly that they have a heart attack, can resuscitate him/her on the spot?  Check and checkmate
Yeah, I guess all that is ok in a teammate, if you like that sort of thing. Which I do!

* Or just someone who likes to kill a good buzz
** It is.
*** By quote, I mean "make up a sentence that she would never say"
**** Or is REALLY good at faking it.
***** The savior of the universe!

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